A Message from the Managing Director

The Japanese Association of Clinical Laboratory Systems (JACLaS) was founded in October 2012 to improve the health and welfare of our nation’s population, and to contribute to progress in the clinical laboratory field, by acting as a resource offering vital information on clinical laboratory devices, reagents, and systems to the people and organizations involved in the fields of healthcare and medical devices development. Since then our main focus has been holding holding exhibitions and promoting technical cooperation on a global scale.

The cornerstone of the activities of the Japanese Association of Clinical Laboratory Systems is our main exhibition, the JACLaS EXPO. Last year the event was held in Kobe, and we are happy to announce that the number of attendees welcomed in Kobe matched the levels usually reached by the EXPO in the years before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. We are very grateful to the venue for allowing the EXPO to be held there. We also received many gratifying comments from attendees, who said it was great to once again be able to attend the exhibition in person.

In preparation for this year’s JACLaS EXPO, all the members of the association’s committees are working assiduously in anticipation of welcoming even more visitors, and making sure the EXPO provides exceptional value to both exhibitors and attendees.

We recently produced a new introductory video about JACLaS to help spread the word about the association. The more people know about JACLaS, the more our members’ products will be known and appreciated, and the more we will be able to contribute to the advancement of the clinical laboratory field.

We look forward to your continued support and input as we get ready to face the challenges of the coming years.

Toshiharu Sekine

Managing Director

Japanese Association of Clinical Laboratory Systems (JACLaS)

February 2023