A Message from the Director

The mission of the Japanese Association of Clinical Laboratory Systems (JACLaS) is to offer the latest information on clinical laboratory devices, reagents and systems to medical institutions and medical personnel and through this to contribute to the advancement of clinical laboratory testing and enhance the medical services and welfare of our nation.

Since the official founding of the organization in October 2012, we have actively promoted the dissemination of relevant information, organized exhibitions and conferences, and advanced international cooperation, and now in 2021, we have entered the 10th year of our efforts.

Every year we have organized and held our flagship conference and exhibition, the JACLaS EXPO, although regrettably we did have to cancel last year’s event due to the ravages of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

After the cancellation, we had an enormous response from the people and corporations who depend on us to provide the latest information on devices, systems, reagents and other products and services. Wasn’t there some way we could still provide them the services they required during this unprecedented period?

We fully recognize that the trend to moving to web based exhibitions will not go away and needs to be accommodated to the fullest extent possible. However, to truly answer the pressing needs of all our stakeholders, all the relevant committees of our organization have agreed to cooperate to achieve this year’s important goal holding a live, on site JACLaS EXPO once again, but with particular attention paid to the measures needed to ensure the health, safety, and peace of mind of all participants before, during, and after the event.

We pledge to further the goals and continue the work started by the founders of JACLaS, and with the cooperation of our member organizations, to increase the transparency of our activities as we help to advance the state of art of our field.

We look forward to working with all our members and supporters to make this year’s EXPO, and the EXPOs to follow, the best we’ve ever had.

Toshiharu Sekine

Managing Director, Board of Directors

Japanese Association of Clinical Laboratory Systems (JACLaS)

March 2021