A Message from the Managing Director

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The Japanese Association of Clinical Laboratory Systems (JACLaS) was founded in October 2012 to improve the health and welfare of our nation’s population, and to contribute to progress in the clinical laboratory field, by acting as a resource offering vital information on clinical laboratory devices, reagents, and systems to the people and organizations involved in the fields of healthcare and medical devices development. Since then our main focus has been the dissemination of information, holding exhibitions and promoting technical cooperation on a global scale.

The cornerstone of the activities of the Japanese Association of Clinical Laboratory Systems is our main exhibition, the JACLaS EXPO. Last year we are happy to announce that the number of attendees welcomed exceeded the levels usually reached by the EXPO in the years before the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

This was due almost entirely to the active encouragement and cooperation of our member organizations, supporting organizations, and all the medical field personnel involved in the Exhibition. To them all we express our deepest gratitude and appreciation.

We are making great progress in turning the Exhibition into a truly international event. We have widened the framework of our Student Awards even wider by inviting not just students of Japanese origin, but also students from overseas as well. This is an important step in supporting the next generation of researchers, wherever they come from, as it is they who will advance medical technology research in the future.

This year the Exhibition will be held at its usual venue in Yokohama, and with the cooperation of our various committees we are working hard to increase the productivity of the Exhibition and the satisfaction of all participants.

We are committed to building further on the foundations laid by our predecessors, furthering their original aims while increasing the transparency of organization and assisting the development of all our member organizations.

We look forward to your continued support and input as we get ready to face the challenges of the coming years.

April, 2024

Japanese Association of Clinical Laboratory Systems (JACLaS)

Jun Hachisuka

Managing Director